How it Works

Smarter Barter is a bank that acts as a record keeper for small businesses that trade with each other, using their own currency. Members sell their products and services in exchange for other Members’ products and services.


Let’s say you own a pest control business and you offer 1000 dollars worth of pest control to our members at your retail price...this is credited to your trade account and can be used from day 1 for car servicing, web development, advertising, restaurant dining and so on.


A valuable part about joining our community is you can get your car serviced even if the garage doesn’t need pest control.


Joining Smarter Barter is a win/ win for everyone. Your business adds variety to our community, and we’ll work with you to ensure a healthy and manageable supply of new customers, and cash saving ways to spend this new income.


There are no cash fees, members are only charged a 3% trade commission (subject to GST) that in turn is re-invested into the community. To find out more, call 1300 797 323 or come along to our monthly held Smarter Networking Dinners hosted between member fellow member restaurants (find out when the next Dinner is on by clicking "Smarter Networking Dinners' above).


What you will get


Free membership to Smarter Barter, you only pay 3% Trade Dollars when you trade, that is re-invested in your area. Access to a network of like minded, seasoned traders who own small businesses within Western Sydney and beyond.


You will enter a community that will work with you to meet new business people who want your custom. Your earned Trade Dollars can now be spent with any fellow Member on things your business and yourself need, spare time or stock converted into Accounting, Auto Service, Printing, Dining... building relationships and wealth.