How to Buy & Sell

How to Buy


How to buy online

When buying online, simply select the product/ service you want and click on the price button. The Trade value is withdrawn from your Smarter Barter account and deposited into the Seller's account.


How to buy offline 

Use your membership card to purchase goods or services from a fellow trader when a mobile transaction is not possible. You will need to show your card and sign the seller's voucher (see link below in i – How to > Voucher System).

How to Sell

This is the most important part of your involvement in Smarter Barter! We have designed the concept to give complete freedom for businesses to advertise, market and explore the limitless opportunities Smarter Barter can open up for them.

Create Advertisements

This is all about your business, what you can offer fellow Members. Simply click on Marketplace > My advertisementsand promote what services/ products you want to offer. Here you can either describe services, or sell products with a dollar value.