Voucher System

Sometimes is isn't possible to pay using your mobile or logging on e.g in the case of a restaurant when staff will not be able to verify. In such cases, the following proceedure is followed;

  1. The Seller enters the Buyer's 16 digit account number on the Smarter Barter card 
  2. The Seller enters the Buyer's account name 
  3. The Seller enters their 16 digit account number 
  4. The Seller enters their account name 
  5. The Seller checks the expiry date on the card, and ticks if still current 
  6. The transaction date is entered 
  7. The Quantity and description of product/service is entered 
  8. The total Smarter Barter Dollar value is entered (inc GST) 
  9. For transactions over $200 Smarter Barter Trade dollars, an authorisation number is needed (see 'Obtaining Authorisation online/by phone) below 
  10. If authorisation is granted, the Buyer signs the voucher 
  11. The Seller checks the signature is the same as on the reverse of the card, and initials the voucher. 
  12. Once completed give the customer their copy, retain your copy as a reference and post the Smarter Barter copy to PO Box 665 Rozelle within 7 days so that the final transaction of funds can take place.