What is Smarter Barter?


Smarter Barter is a barter exchange that has evolved to embrace the benefits of traditional barter exchanges, as well as making it possible for all types of businesses to participate.

Who can join Smarter Barter?

Any business with a valid ABN and products and services to offer to fellow users


How will my business benefit?


You become a member of a select group of businesses and individuals that prefer to trade with you because you save them cash

·         Your sales increase

·         Your cash flow increases

·         Your customer base increases, and expands geographically (members will travel further to you because you save them cash)

·         These new customers, through word of mouth, will help promote your business to new cash customers

·         You use your Trade dollars to pay for goods/services you would normally pay cash for, both for your business and personal use

·         You use your Trade dollars to generate new cash customers by paying for advertising, promotions, etc on Trade

·         Pay employees bonuses and incentives in Trade dollars

·         We act as an extension of your sales team, supplying you new customers you normally wouldn't have seen


As a Smarter Barter member, you also get:


·         An interest free line of credit for businesses to start you off

Why use Trade dollars instead of cash? Why not?

·         You have generated Trade dollars at little or no cost

·         Your Trade dollars can be used to pay for products/services you would normally have to pay for in cash

·         You have increased your cash flow by preserving cash

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! We charge no 'join up” fee, no administration fees, only a 3% SB$ fee per transaction (that’s trade dollars, not cash).

·         Full Trade Members are charged at 3% +GST of the trade value

What if a Member inflates their prices?

Please advise us if you believe this is happening and we will investigate. We all want a 'level playing field' to maintain the integrity for all. If a member does not abide by the Terms & Conditions, their membership will be subject to suspension or termination.


Can I halt trading?

Yes. If your account is in credit. There may be times when you are too busy with your cash customers to handle Trade customers. Let us know, and we will put your status on hold until you are able to resume trading.