Spend a minute with us now and we'll give you a valuable sure-fire business strategy that will increase your sales and lower your costs. 


Once you know and understand how to use this concept, you too can begin using it without risk and without having to sacrifice any of your existing cash sales.
No matter what business you're in, the Smarter Barter community is a powerful money saving way to get more customers, open up new potential business suppliers and develop long term bonding.


Why 'Smarter Barter'?

Firstly we need to explain general bartering principles


What is traditional barter?
Barter is the exchange of goods and services without the use of cash. If you ever traded your skateboard for a cricket bat, you've bartered. If you've provided legal advice for a car service, you've bartered. These are examples of bilateral barter between two parties. The drawback of these transactions is that both parties need to want each other's products or services at the same time.


Multilateral barter
This is a system whereby multiple parties do not have to exchange goods and services directly between each other. Using a barter currency, controlled by a barter exchange, members of the exchange can trade with fellow members when they like, buying now, selling later, and vice- versa. Smarter Barter is a revolutionary new multilateral system designed for business customers.


Why do it?

Quite simply, barter saves you cash
You pay for the goods and services you need with what you have to offer.


Membership in the trade exchange generates new business from fellow members you would not normally have. You will start to do business with local fellow traders, and also
your client base will expand geographically. Fellow members will be willing to travel to you, or order from you online because you will save them cash. You increase your wealth.