Tips & Tricks

Think Trade

In the normal cash economy, a great deal of time and money is used to increase sales. Smarter Barter does that for you. You now need to put time into finding the best ways of SPENDING your trade dollars! Get in the habit of spending trade instead of cash. You'll end up with a lot more cash in your account at the end of the month.


Get To Know How The Site Works
There are limitless opportunities to give your business massive exposure by taking time to advertise your products/ services in as many relevant categories as possible. Navigate around until you are familiar with how everything works.


Advertise 'Specials'
The Trade World is no different to the Cash World, everyone wants a good deal and the sooner you sell, the sooner you buy!


Close Deals Using Trade
If you want a particular client, offer them trade in your price. You instantly have a huge advantage over your competition, increase your market share, and establish an ongoing customer. We will be happy to help facilitate this for you.

Pay Employees Bonuses With Trade
This is a powerful way of rewarding staff. Your Smarter Barter dollars will go a lot further than cash, motivate them, and preserve your cash. They'll have great fun finding ways of spending trade on the web site, just make sure they do so at home!

Be Flexible
  Always consider alternate sources for your business. Example- a hotel spends $5000 a year on cleaning products. A fellow Smarter Barter member supplies similar products for the same price on 50/50 ratio. The hotel changes supplier and spends $2500 SB instead of $2500 cash!


Attract Cash Customers Using Trade
  Use your trade dollars to promote your business to the cash economy through members selling advertising, promotions, printing, functions, entertainment etc.


Be Competitive
  Never over charge! Inflated prices are not necessary, and unfair to fellow members. Ensure your prices are comparable to similar products/services in the Cash World, and you will have guaranteed success using Smarter Barter.


Be Yourself
    In joining Smarter Barter, you show the ability to “think outside the square”. A group of such dynamic members learn and grow together. We are always open to feedback from you to continually improve Smarter Barter for all. Our belief has always been to create a barter system that allows members to flourish using their business skills and ambition, not put up annoying barriers and costs that restrict trade